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Senior Cyber Club

Unanderra Community Centre Senior Cyber Club are a group of like minded seniors [55+] who in using the computers and high speed broadband internet provided, are able to help each other explore the wider uses of the computer to help them in their everyday computer activities.

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Groups Listing

Need to know what groups are here at the centre, Looking for somewhere to go on your quite day of the week, then check here.

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Special News & Events

Here you will find Community events, Community News, Things that you need to know.
What's on, Where it's at and when to be there.

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Youth Project

The Unanderra Youth Project has a range of awesome activities for young people!
If you are 12 to 18 years of age, drop in to the Youth centre, We're open between 3pm to 6pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays during school terms.

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Unanderra Access Group Media Release

Bec Schmidt, Richard Kramer and Felix Bronneberg from the Unanderra Access Group attended a meeting with Gareth Ward at his office in Kiama yesterday afternoon (11th May). This was an exciting meeting for the group, which has seen public support since the footage of Toby Lindon (Double Amputee), Bec Schmidt (Stroke Survivor) and Wendy Richardson (Elderly aged 81 and with luggage) was seen internationally with each of them struggling in their own ways.....

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Vacent NEWS spot

UCC Membership Form

Would you like to be a member of our team here at UCC, Do you have a commitment to your community.
Can you join in the fight?

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Information for Woman


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Learner Log Book Run

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ADRA Community Pantry

Food Parcels are available
for those who are struggling
to make ends meet.

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Figtree Anglican Church


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Groups we're Running

Unanderra Community Centre has many things that you can get involved with, we run some groups ourselves.

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Centre Projects

We at the centre are committed to you in our community, We will fight for what we know that you need.

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Community Fruit Tree Grove

Unanderra Community Centre has under our care a Community Fruit Tree Grove.

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UCC Calendar

What's on at the Centre this month.
Go on have a look.

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Our Internet Service Provider

New Resident Guide

Illawarra Computer
Enthusiast group

Unanderra Community Centre wishes to acknowledge the help and ongoing support they receive from the
Illawarra Computer Enthusiast group [ICE]
in the supplying,and setting up of computers and the ongoing tweaking of our Computer room.

Our Web Hosting

Sponsored by the number one Web Hoster in Australia,

Our Visitors

View where our visitors arrive from.